Jumas Security App


Q: What is Jumas Security APP?

A: The APP is a cellphone application that a person can use to inform Jumas Security Control Room of an emergency

Q: What kind of emergency?

A: The App makes provision for 4 different scenarios:

  • Armed Response
  • Medical Assistance
  • Fire
  • Roadside assistance

Q: How does the APP work?

A: The APP is installed onto a cellphone and the cellphone transmit a GSM signal to Jumas Security Control Room

 Q: Must the cellphone have data?

A: The cellphone must have data and the location of the cellphone must be on

 Q: Can you provide information regarding the circumstances in which a specific panic button can be activated?

  • A:  The Armed Response Panic Button is intended to be used in the event of an immediate and imminent life-threatening situation which will include intrusion on your property, robbery or any dangerous     situation which make you to feel unsafe.
  • The Medical Assistance Panic Button is intended to be used if immediate medical first aid is required to prevent loss of life or serious permanent bodily harm. It may also be used for a general wellness check, for example blood pressure measuring. Any service rendered that is not aimed at preventing loss of life or serious bodily harm will be charged as per prior agreement between Jumas Quality Security Service and the Member.
  • The Fire Brigade Panic Button is intended to be used if immediate intervention is required to contain the fire to prevent damage to property or loss of life.
  • The Roadside Panic Button is intended to be used in the event that the vehicle in which the Member travels experience a mechanical breakdown or other problem that makes it impossible to use the vehicle and the Member is not capable to repair the vehicle or fix the problem himself or herself.

Q: Who renders Armed Reaction Services?

A:  Armed Reaction Officers have fire arm competency to use all categories of fire arms for business purposes and is registerd with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

Q: Who renders Medical Support services?

A: Jumas Security Armed Reaction Officers are  qualified as “1st Responders” and trained to provide basic medical support until such time that an injured person can receive professional medical treatment from qualified medical practitioners.

Q: Is there more information available in respect of the APP?

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