• Access control
  • Outer and inner perimeter guarding
  • Alarm/CCTV installation (commercial and residential property)
  • Alarm monitoring and Armed Reaction (commercial and residential property)
  • Risk Assessment in respect of residential and business premises as well as farm owners/community
  • Full DSS Server in Control Room for off-site monitoring of CCTV cameras
  • Installation and repair of all gate motors
  • Installations of all types of intercom systems, local and remote
  • Maintenance and new intallations of electric fencing
  • Safeguarding of strategic assets requiring specialized skills (for instance exotic game, etc);
  • Cash In Transit
  • Truth verification and integrity testing through polygraph examination
  • Pre-employment screening

Alarm Monitoring

The Jumas Security Control Room is situated in a Gated Security area which minimises the risk that the Control Room itself may be compromised. The Control Room is manned by properly trained Control Room Operators. Measures has been put in place to continue rendering a monitoring service in the event of a power failure, etc. Communication with clients is ensured via sms notification, Telkom or cellular network.

Armed Reaction and Cash In Transit

Armed Reaction and Cash in Transit services are rendered by appropriately trained security officers. The security officers are licensed to use various fire arms including hand guns as well as semi-automatic assault rifles. The safety of our security officers is a priority and body armour (i.e Bullet Proof Resistant vest) meeting the standards laid down by the South African Police Service in respect of products used by the SAPS, is standard issue. The Armed Reaction vehicles are equipped with GPS technology to ensure rapid response time. Armed Reaction officers are also equipped with Infra-red Night Vision cameras that enables the detection of intruders at night.

Alarm / CCTV Installation

Alarm/CCTV installations are done by qualified and registered technicians. Jumas Security is an approved installer of all the recognised alarm/cctv brands including IDS, Spectrum, Texecom, TPA, etc. At Jumas Security we believe that “your integrity is as good as your last business deal” and we are confident that we will match or beat any written quotation from a local and recognised security service provider in respect of the installation of an alarm /cctv system.

Risk Assessment in respect of individual properties

At Jumas Security we are stern believers that there is a direct correlation between the outcome that you achieve and the preparation that has been done to achieve the goal.

“Preparation is 90% and execution 10%”. 

Jumas Security does have the capability to conduct risk assessments in respect of privately owned property and to accordingly make recommendations to address or mitigate the risks. Risk assessments have been done for private individuals (commercial and residential) as well as commercial landowners (lodges and farm owners) and agreement reached on specialized security services that are required.

The following steps inform Jumas Security’s approach to conduct a Risk Assessment:

  • A proper understanding of the client’s business/household and identification of the people and assets at risk.
  • To specify loss risk events/vulnerabilities.
  • To establish the probability of loss, risk and frequency of events.
  • To determine the impact of the event.
  • To develop measures to mitigate risks.
  • To consider and conduct a feasibility study regarding the implementation of measures and to conduct a cost benefit analysis.

The aim is to make recommendations regarding the implementation of security measures that is cost effective without compromising the safety of our clients or safe guarding of their assets.