Security Personnel

Operational Manager

An Operational Manager with extensive experience (25 years) of the security industry is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company in respect of the posting of guards, duties to be performed, quality assurance, compliance with security related as well as health and safety related legislation at the workplace, etc. The Operational Manager is registered on Grade “A” with PSIRA and is registered as a private investigator with PSIRA

All other security personnel

All security personnel employed by the Company are registered with PSIRA.

The Tactical Response Team members that performs Armed Reaction Services, Cash in Transit and the safeguarding of assets that requires specialized skills are trained in the use of various fire arms and have extensive experience in respect of high risk security related work/environments. 

The Alarm/CCTV technicians responsible for new installations/maintenance is in the full-time employment of Jumas Security and work is not contracted to outside service providers in order to ensure integrity.

Appointment and integrity of personnel

Jumas Security has strict employment criteria that, inter alia, makes provision for screening of prospective employees in respect of a criminal record, registration with PSIRA, etc. Security officers are randomly subjected to polygraph examination to ensure honesty and integrity.

Always ask your security service provider to provide proof of random security vetting results. Your personal safety may be at risk.

Surely you have the right to know whether you can “trust” the person entrusted to protect you and safeguard your assets?